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Meet The Teacher

Some serious matters

1. When and how did you start practicing yoga

I started practicing Yoga about 6 years ago during my University times.


2. Preferred yoga style?

My preferred style is Kundalini Yoga. That was the first Yoga I ever tried and for a long time I didn´t tried something else. Now I know also some other styles but Kundalini is for me the most efficient one.

3. Tip for practitioners

Practicing in a group is the most efficient. Although the personal practice is important (at least for me), practicing in a group is always a good mirror for yourself and the group is giving you also an energy boost for keeping up.

Some interesting matters

1. Morning routine

My mornings are always very different. I try to do something everyday although when its just a 15 min or shorter meditation in the morning. The day feels so different when I practice something in the morning.

2. Favourite book/movie/music/café/restaurant?

My favourite music for a long time now is Radiohead and Sigur Ros and a lot of Scandinavian Jazz like Arve Henriksen. But I more and more discover a lot of great classical music. Right now I am in love with Ravel and Bach.

3. Detox, yes/no, which

Every now and then I make a Kitchary Diet. Kitchary is a meal made out of mung beans, rice and vegetables. And then for some days you eat just this. Its cleansing but you still have a lot of energy. So I prefer this to fasting for example.

Just for fun...

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