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Some serious matters

1. When and how did you start practicing yoga

I was introduced to yoga when I was stumped about an English project in High School. After wandering around the library, I found a VHS on a rack and brought it home. Even though I didn’t really get the movements, I enjoyed the feeling and the vibe of the practice. I didn’t start practicing regularly until I was in my mid-20’s.


2. Preferred yoga style?

Restorative & Yin

3. Tip for practitioners

Your body is your best teacher, listen to it.

4. Your yoga influencer/Teacher

Ananda Shakti & Karusia Wroblewski


5. Teacher/s you follow in Berlin

Too soon to say!

Some interesting matters

1. Morning routine

I follow my morning routine :)

2. Nutrition

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, so this is huge for me!! Stay away from fads and listen to your body!

3. Favorite book/movie/music/café/restaurant?

Book: The Alchemist, Movie: The Sound of Music, Music: 90's grunge, Café & Restaurant: too many to say!

4. Hobby/ies

Hiking, exploring new places, collecting treasure, plants, books, cooking.

5. Detox, yes/no, which

It depends. I’m not interested in fads or trends, but when my body tells me I need to drink more green juice, or to shut off my phone for a few days, I listen.

Bonus round: Where will you travel when it's possible again?

Portugal or Sri Lanka!

Meet The Teacher

Just for fun...

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