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Meet The Teacher

Some serious matters

1. When and how did you start practicing yoga

1998. I was teaching English and carrying lots of books and my back didn’t like it. A colleague suggested yoga. At first I thought I'd be bored, but I was fascinated by the universe I found in my body from day one.


2. Preferred yoga style?

Pick and mix depending on what I'm needing to connect to.

3. Tip for practitioners

Keep it joyful for the body, fresh for the mind and warm for the heart. Connect, integrate, include - first in you, then beyond.

4. Your yoga influencer/Teacher

I love Jason Crandell for his detailed, structured and down to earth approach. Polemic Sadie Nardini has raised a lot of polemic with her "Yoga Shred", but in her yoga-yoga she's working with very sound principles; I credit her with how I'm working with the core and the earth in transitions. Paco Peñarrubia is my not y yogi but my Gestalt master; Gestalt has facilitated the non-physical aspects of my practice.

5. Teacher/s you follow in Berlin

I haven’t got round to it yet but look forward to Tatjana Mesar and Kai Hill.

Some interesting matters

1. Morning routine

Hot lemon, tea, pranayama, meditation, vinyasa warm up, 15 minutes of HIIT, asana, breakfast. Not always possible - then I choose what feels most necessary or just respect the fact that I need sleep or leaving the house unrushed.

2. Nutrition

Vegan. Sparse with sugars. Experimenting with a ketogenic diet.  

3. Favorite book/movie/music/café/restaurant?

The I-ching (Book of Changes) is the only thing that remains constant. Everything else... changes!

4. Hobby/ies

Hiking, making things (dance, music, images, writing, sewing, cooking), putting outfits together :)

5. Detox, yes/no, which

I prefer to keep it fairly detoxified on a daily basis and eat my last meal at 18h so the body can fast for about 12h. Not always possible!

Just for fun...

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