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Meet The Teacher

Some serious matters

1. When and how did you start practicing yoga

South India 2006, I was walking along the beach and saw a sign “yoga class 100 rupees”, the price seemed reasonable and so I joined. The rest is history.


2. Preferred yoga style?

I started with Sivananda, then had a long Ashtanga-Vinyasa phase, was always drawn to other breath-movement approaches, now I am “style-less”, just following the breath..

3. Tip for practitioners

Practice! Regularly! Only steady and sustainable practice can lead to real and meaningful progress. At the same time, don’t practice in order to reach any goal, but rather to maintain well-being, similar to brushing the teeth, to Keep yourself somewhat detached, never turning yoga into a belief system. Just practice, no more, no less.

4. Your yoga influencer/Teacher

It’s a long list, since I never bought into a guru or one-teacher/ing system.

I practiced with and learned from Richard Freeman, Leslie Kaminoff, Maty Ezraty, the Mohans, BNS Iyengar (not to be confused with the other Iyengar). I never met them but still learned a lot from Krishnamacharya, TKV Desikachar and the beloved SN Goenka.

Also a teacher I used to practice with regularly, about 10 years back, who is unknown, and doesn't teach any more. I still teach and practice in her spirit.

And last but not least, Patanjali and Buddha.

5. Teacher/s you follow in Berlin

Unfortunately, none :(.

Some interesting matters

1. Morning routine

Wake up around 5:30-6, drink lemon water, practice, eat breakfast, drink a strong happy coffee, digest, not necessarily in that order.

2. Nutrition

Plant-based, whole balanced, vegan diet. I am a fruit addict.  

3. Favorite book/movie/music/café/restaurant?

As a young film student I watched “Buffalo 66” and was blown away, and so for nostalgic reasons it is still my favorite film. I love 60-70’s rock, 80’s pop, 90’s grunge and blues, what can say.. I’m old school.

4. Hobby/ies

Playing the guitar

5. Detox, yes/no, which

I tried once a 3 day fruit detox, interesting experience.. I prefer maintaining a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle than an occasional detox.

Just for fun...

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