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Some serious matters

1. When and how did you start practicing yoga?

Only 5 years ago, after I got a circle tattoo..


2. Preferred yoga style?

Hatha. I got close to Kundalini and Yin as well.

3. Tip for practitioners

Every practice might show you a new surprise.

4. Your yoga influencer/Teacher

Amanda Morelli and Maurizio Morelli (Pranayoga Method)


5. Teacher/s you follow in Berlin

 Amanda Morelli, Marta Palombo, Tania (Buddhistisches Tor)

Some interesting matters

1.Evening routine

Big candles, light an incense, play ambient, on the floor and listen to my breath.

2. Nutrition

Tendentially vegetarian and gluten free.

3. Favorite book/movie/music/café/restaurant?

Movie: Brazil (Terry Gilliam), Paprika (Satoshi Kon), Love (Gaspar Noe), Iron 3 (Kim Ki-Duk)

Music: Ambient & Ambient Techno, Jazz fusion

Café & Restaurant: 21 Grams and Kumami

4. Hobby/ies

Impro dance, Hula Hoop, art installation #Collective Shaping.

5. Detox, yes/no, which

Juice fasting.

Bonus round: Where will you travel when it's possible again?

That is going to be Peru.

Meet The Teacher

Just for fun...

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