Founder and manager. Practicing different yoga styles from 2000 and teach gentle Hatha yoga. 

Dana is a certificate Hatha yoga teacher who graduated from Prana Yoga College Teachers training by Shakti Mhi.

"Yoga helps me to live a more balanced, calm and positive life.
Yoga empowers me and gives me the energy and flexibility I want and need in life. It helps me get a different and clearer perspective on things. For me, yoga is home."



Practitioner over a decade, guiding her students into joys of movement since beginning of 2019 in various contexts: individually in studios, companies, corporate conferences as well as in surf camps and collectively as a part of Berlin-based movement group: Y* Collective.


Anna completed all of her 550+ hrs yoga studies in Berlin. Her classes are energetic movement sessions with mindful approach, where Anna weaves together her studies and experience on yoga, embodiment coaching and thai yoga massage. Additionally, as a gong player, she loves to treat her students with some delightful vibrations from gongs and sound bowls.

“A never-ending self-exploration, dynamic movement accompanied with times of stillness - and the sweet in-between moments. Ultimately, for me yoga is a way to connect - with myself and with the others. Flowing and strength-building asana practice, moving mindfully with our breath, being open to all arising sensations and having fun! That’s how I practice and that is what I love to share with my students.”

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María practices yoga since 1998. She completed basic (2004) and advanced (2007) Hatha teacher training and has been teaching since 2004. 

"My practice of ashtanga vinyasa (2006-2012) contributed dynamic sequencing to my classes. I practice and teach yoga integrating flexibility/strength, will/surrender and concentration/expansion. I perceive the organism as a whole and believe that an engaged physical practice can be transformative on all levels of the individual and beyond it."

"Yoga helps me connect with equanimity in the face of challenge, wonder at what may seem ordinary and profound humbleness, trust and joy. It attunes my whole organism and keeps it strong, adaptable and vibrant. Yoga is what I always return to."

María is also a performing artist and a Gestalt practitioner



Born in Hawaii, I am a Swedish-American yogi with a big heart and free spirit. Yoga asana and meditation have been an essential part of my life for 10 yrs. I have two 200-hr teacher training and one 300-hr YTT under my belt. 


My passion for powerful, dynamic and focused yet the smooth movement has existed since a young age (ie; dance, gymnastics and synchronized swimming) but I felt these were lacking something deeper. I studied art for 8 years, where my interest in body movement manifested into artwork with expressive nudes as the focus. When I discovered yoga asana and philosophy, I realised what I had previously been missing and seeking. I love the physicality of yoga because it allows me to explore + expand my strength + flexibility, but even more so I love that the practice is a platform to train my mind; to challenge and question my core beliefs and connect with and ground myself.


"I love to teach because I can connect with people and help them to realize and sharpen the tools that they already possess within themselves in order to realize their full potential. We are all deep beings with many layers of thoughts/feelings; pain, joy, fear, love, etc; and often we get so caught up by the details that we forget to step back and see the vastness; the bigger picture of life: that we are all connected and that there is so much more to life than our fleeting emotions or ever-evolving physical body."

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Born in Italy and now living in Germany for over 6 years.
After several years of competitive climbing, Deborah discovered yoga and immediately fell in love with it. Deborah teaches Yin yoga, which is very meditative and introspective, but also a teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga, which are more dynamic practices. Before Debo left for India to become a yoga teacher she completed studies in massage, nutrition and relaxation techniques, which helped her immensely in becoming an all-round wellness teacher.


"With yoga I started to get to know my body better through the practice of asanas, I got to know my mind better through meditation,
and I started to know myself better through the calm and peace I found in the practice."

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Coming from a background of dance and yoga, Merav fell in love with Pilates as it helped her understand her body better, improved her dancing techniques and skills and made her stronger and longer (and if not by actual centimeters,  than at least by feeling).  Teaching for the last 7 years helped her regaining strength afterbirths and increased her appreciation of the human body and its capabilities. The classes suit all levels and are putting an emphasis on the connection between breathing and moving, as well as researching the work of the body as a "whole made of separate parts".

She has seen bodies change through and with the help of Pilates and believe that sometimes our body is wiser than our head, and we should just follow it to its full potential.



Karin has been practicing yoga for many years and when she discovered Kundalini Yoga she felt that she had found a powerful tool combining physical exercise and a spiritual practice, helping her to connect more deeply to herself. She creates a warm and joyful atmosphere in her classes, is very open and fluently speaks English, German and French.



Tasha Hess-Neustadt is a Berlin-based dance artist and yoga instructor and practitioner. She received her BA from London Contemporary Dance School, and has performed throughout Latin America, New York City, London, and Berlin.  She completed her 200hr teacher training with Bangalore-based a1000 Yoga Academy in the Bihar lineage, at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2019. In addition to studio and private classes, she has taught yoga-for-dancers classes, developed an audio-only guided somatic practice series for the lockdown period, and taught classes for asylum-seeking women and children at the Baobab Center for Children and Families, in Samos Greece.  She aims to facilitate a practice space that is non-dogmatic and explorational, inviting calm and introspection, curiosity, and pleasure of movement.


"I understand yoga as the faithful return to the effort of directing the mind towards one-pointedness. The attempt to find clarity and simplicity. The consistent repeated practice of this attempt. My yoga practice connects me to my values, and helps me centralize love and generosity as I move through life. Yoga helps me find home in my body. I understand yoga to be both a journey to free my own life from suffering, and a guide to a collective resilience that we may mobilize in order to create a better world day by day."



My approach to the world of Pilates and the movement in general came from the hand of dance. I started dancing from a very young age and as time went by I specialized in contemporary dance. My curiosity for anatomy and the mechanism of movements led me to study Pilates in the year 2009 and, since then, I dedicate myself to teach/practice Pilates and Dance as well as to investigate from my own exploration any type of movement. I consider myself a great fan of Yoga and Barre Floor and spend a lot of time learning new dance styles. My great fondness for learning is embodied in my vocation to teaching.


During my classes I spend time raising awareness of the body as an organic mechanism that must be listened carefully to understand its needs and limitations and for each to find an optimal way to train, without suffering and achieving the established goals.



Clarissa first started practicing yoga at the age of 8, when her dad brought home a Hatha Yoga book and together they learned asanas to the sound of Pink Floyd LPs.

After many different sports she came across yoga again during adulthood and was fascinated by how good it was for her body and mind and even had a positive effect on her chronic back pain.


Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork practice teaches her everyday anew to be more conscious and in connection with herself and creates a physical as well as a mental strength and stability.

And that is what she wishes for her students, too.


Clarissa did her 200hrs TT at Yoga Circle Berlin Academy. She teaches gentle yet strengthening Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.


"The silence between an inhalation and exhalation, the silence between two thoughts and also during a movement, there lies this feeling of abundance and timelessness for me. That's where I draw my strength from“

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I began my movement experience as a teenager with running and traditional strength training. However, I became injured often and I had a sense of not truly being in balance with my body. In college, I started with Pilates and I found I was able to better understand my body and had a deeper sense of stabilizing myself from my center. I also became interested in Dance and Yoga and gravitated towards more holistic movement practices. I continued participating in Pilates and eventually did a teacher training through my regular Studio. At the same time, I finished my Bachelor in Kinesiology.

In my Pilates classes, I offer my students to look at their bodies as an anatomical whole. Where one part moves, so can we choose to let that movement continue through the body and create reactions or we can isolate, and that choice will create various needs, challenges, and qualities. My hope is that my students leave class with a deeper understanding of how to move consciously.



Imke did her teacher training with Patricia Thielemann and others at Spirit Yoga in 2007 and another one with Max Strom at Inner Axis in. She has taken additional trainings in anatomy, philosophy, neuroscience since then and is a mentor teacher Spirit Yoga, teaching yoga teachers in their 500h training. Besides Yoga, Imke works as stress management and communication trainer and integral coach since 2009.

„After living in six countries and being quite unrooted, what really brought me to yoga is an understanding of how we are all the same. With that came and comes great compassion and the love to share my experience of yoga: a system leading us through physical and mental processes to wholeness."



Melissa is originally from Italy. She is a Pilates trainer and dance teacher. Having worked for many years as professional ballet dancer she discovered the amazing benefits of practicing Pilates and after moving to Berlin Melissa completed at BASI® Pilates the comprehensive teacher training for mat work in 2019 and Pilates equipments in 2020.

"For Melissa, pilates is a low impact workout, perfect to achieve both a fit body and mind. The class focuses on strengthening the core, whilst improving flexibility, posture and breathing. Through gentle movements we will together boost energy and positivity."



Kathi is a soulful Hatha teacher with heart and passion.

Yoga is with her since 2016 and enriches her life again and again in a new and truly beautiful way. In 2019 she completed her 200h teacher training in India (Varkala), but this is only the beginning of her journey.

Her classes convey a feeling of lightness a liveliness and include breathing exercises, meditation, and a series of postures. The postures are created to build body awareness. They give room for development, are energizing, and at the same time balancing.


"Yoga teaches me to accept and love myself and others the way they are. It helps me to develop ever more body awareness and go through daily life with confidence, trust, and joy. All in all, it changes my life for the better and helps me to grow beyond myself."

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My own experience with a chronic disease opened up my eyes to the way sound can help us navigate through hard times. It restores harmony and opens up our soul to the perspective of non duality. It helps us to accept and release trauma. It wraps us into a beautiful synthesis of union and healing. That’s why I decided to become a sound healer: I want to help people discover a new way of thriving.

I’m working with Gongs, Tibetan bowls and other therapeutic instruments. My classes are a safe healing space as they guide you through a deep sound healing experience. Be ready for a magical journey where no words are needed. 


„Your vibration is the cure.“



Tanja is a Hatha/Yin/Vinyasa, Pre- and Postnatal, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructor & Relaxation Therapist from and based in Berlin.

In movements she combines softness and strength in a sensitive, mindful, intuitive and calm environment.

„Embody Yoga - Yoga for me is a way of living. Let’s listen to our Self’s, our body’s and our minds and discover and get connected to our feelings and senses. “

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Elisa’s yoga path started 2007 in Berlin when searching for a physical activity to release stress and tension. She developed such a great love for yoga, that she wanted to share the practice and began teaching in 2017. She has completed her 500+ hours teacher training at Yoga Sky Berlin with Nancy Jovanovic and Detlev Alexander as her main teachers. Next to that she is trained in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Network). She teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga.


"For me, yoga is a practice of radical self-acceptance, self-love and healing. In my Yin class, I want to create a framework that enables participants to feel themselves and make their own personal experiences with yoga. 


Feel everything and breathe."

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My yoga studies started In 2014 when I moved to Hamburg, Germany. With location change came a deeper sense of clearness which led me to yoga. I started my teachers training after moving to Berlin in 2018. I wished to go deeper into studying the meaning of yoga and its vast philosophy, and also learning how to share this knowledge and experience with others in the best way that fits the student. My teaching of Hatha vinyasa consists of a breath-based practice, giving focus to the respiration, allowing the breath to guide our movement and become our own teacher. I also try to integrate Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.


"For me, yoga is ongoing process of self-discovery, of learning to observe reality with more clarity and from different perspectives, and being truly grateful for what I have."



500 hours certified (RYT) Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga teacher, Studio Assistant Manager in Friedrichshain. Franzi is dedicated to creating and holding a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus, exploration and connection of their bodies, mind and spirit.

By combining breath work (pranayama), meditation and movement (asana), Franzi´s classes support the flow of positive energy and improve the nervous system response. The ultimate goal of her classes is to make her students feel happy, rejuvenated and balanced within.


“My yoga journey started in 2009, it has led me to a way of constant transformation and made me the person I am today. Whilst following my passion of traveling, I was able to deepen my practice and learn about the biodiversity of different yoga styles. It was in 2018, when life brought me to India and where I graduated as certified  advanced yoga teacher.

Yoga is a gift! I want to share it and give other people access to their inner happiness - It is possible to create a balance in our lives that accompanies us through ups & downs and incredibly enriches our existence in the present life.”



I always had passion for movement and it has been guiding me through different stages of life.

After dancing most of my childhood I took a break from movement, until one day, I discovered yoga.

I started practicing in 2013 and studied devoutly with my teacher for almost 8 years. In between I did two 200h TTC and a 300h TTC (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga Synergy), assisted in teacher trainings, and studied two years of reflexology; I am very grateful for the learning path that never ends.

All this incredible knowledge implies that the most important knowledge is already within us - body, mind, soul; we just need to notice that it is there.

This is what I practice and this is what I try to transfer in my teachings.

In my classes we arrive to ourselves through a combination of gentle and aligned movement, awareness to breath, embodiment and meditation.

Using all these methods we may discover amazing things, and how wonderful it is that we have the opportunity to take this journey together.



Hello-Om there! 

This is Rosa, a young Psychologist and Yoga Instructor living in Berlin since 2018


"I had my first contact with Yoga since I was a little girl, my Mexican and Canadian indigenous community taught me the art of connecting our souls with nature, yet I could never understand the deeper meaning of it, only a couple of years ago when I decided to move to Berlin, where life gave me good Karma Yoga; since then my passion for yoga has grown, completing my training and falling in love with Vinyasa Flow."



originally from Taiwan. Since 2012, she lived and obtained her B.A in dance and M.A in dance movement therapy in Germany. She has collected experiences as a professional dancer, dance and somatic movement facilitator, pilates and Barre teacher, as well as a dance movement therapy practitioner. Besides her artistic works, she continues to expand her journey to dance movement therapy and unwind her interests in various disciplines of somatic movement practices, such as Body-Mind Centering and Yoga. She is also a certified Pilates mat and Barre teacher. Her core idea is “Movement is our primary language“, through our body wisdom connect to the inner self and unfold our authenticity, creativity, and originality.

IG: @yjdance_  /  @yunjubodyandspace



Morin´s yoga journey began shortly after her exit from artistic gymnastics in 2010. She began exploring the different styles of yoga and throughout these years her movement journey has shifted and expanded. Deepening her studies in yoga, Morin completed her 200 RYT training in 2017 in Alignment Based Vinyasa with Nico Luce.


Her intention for class is to get students out of their heads and into their bodies. Morin believes that each practitioner is their own teacher and knows their body best. She guides practitioners to feel into their own edge and encourages to practice from a place of truth rather than ego. She is grateful to share space and practice together!