Our teachers

Dana Federman

Founder and studio manager. Practicing different yoga styles  from 2000 and teach gentle Hatha yoga. 

Dana is a certificate Hatha yoga teacher who graduated from Prana Yoga College Teachers training by Shakti Mhi.

"Yoga helps me to live a more balanced, calm and positive life.
Yoga empowers me and gives me the energy and flexibility I want and need in life. 
It helps me get a different and clearer perspective on things.
For me, yoga is home."



María Ferrara 

María practices yoga since 1998. She completed basic (2004) and advanced (2007) hatha teacher training and has been teaching since 2004. 

"My practice of ashtanga vinyasa (2006-2012) contributed dynamic sequencing to my classes. I practice and teach yoga integrating flexibility/strength, will/surrender and concentration/expansion. I perceive the organism as a whole and believe that an engaged physical practice can be transformative on all levels of the individual and beyond it."

"Yoga helps me connect with equanimity in the face of challenge, wonder at what may seem ordinary and profound humbleness, trust and joy. It attunes my whole organism and keeps it strong, adaptable and vibrant. Yoga is what I always return to."

María is also a performing artist and a Gestalt practitioner


Oren Zaslavsky

Practicing yoga seriously for over a decade. Tried genuinely to be a part of traditional schools of yoga (Ashtanga, Svastha, Sivananda...) but realized that yoga doesn't need to be organized, all it really needs is the right intention. Teaches "Hatha-Vinyasa" which is a breath-centered and "free-style" approach to yoga.


"I teach a combination of what I learned from three main teachers who I trained extensively with: AG Mohan (of Chennai), from whom I got the traditional approach connected to India and the origins of yoga. Leslie Kaminoff (of NYC), from which I got the anatomic, therapeutic, modern and breath-centered approach to yoga. Richard Freeman (of Boulder), from which I got the essence-oriented, imaginative, going-deep-within and free-spirited approach to yoga. The Buddhist approach is there too since I am also an avid Vipassana practitioner."


Read more about Oren 


Etoile Chaville

Etoile is a voice and movement artist and a yoga teacher. She completed her 200 hours vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2009 with Beate Cuson and an additional advanced 300 hours OM yoga teacher training with Cindy Lee in 2015. She has been regularly teaching yoga in various contexts since 2011 : yoga studios, corporate yoga, dance school, as well as private clients. Her class combines guided breath-work, meditation, a series of  postures  that move from basic to complex, while maintaining focus on good alignment. Etoile creates a warm environment in the class room and connects with depth and humor philosophical principles to everyday experience.

"Through yoga, I have learned to respect my body and love myself and on a deeper level. The practice of yoga also helps me to stay true to my inner voice, to trust life's intelligence and overcome the fear of the unknown. To me, yoga is a way to embrace the fullness of life."

Learn more about Etoile as a yoga teacher :www.etoilechavilleyoga.com, as an artist: www.etoilechaville.com



The world of movement has always been my home, after years of dancing and working as a
therapist I found the world of Pilates and Yoga as my own therapeutic place. Practicing and
teaching opened my world to our true nature- movement. By moving our body we are also
moving our mind, trying to let go of the things that are no longer develop us in our journey.
I believe in our ability to change all the time, no matter how old we are, as long as we keep on
communicating with our body and soul.

Through my classes I focus on getting to know our body, listening to what our sensations are
trying to tell us and doing so with awareness and compassion to our own self.


Hannah Turner

Hanna teaches a Hatha flow class, linking movement with breath, and with stillness. She committed to a regular practice over 4 years ago, and completed her 200YTT in Bali in 2018. She is trained in pre- and post- natal yoga, has completed many workshops, and continues to grow her practice and learn from as many people as possible. 


"I'm a fairly lazy yogi, I love doing poses like child's pose and cat/cow. I use yoga as meditation. Connecting my breath with my movements has allowed me to focus on how amazing the human body is, and how much it doesn't matter if it's not perfect.
Truly, if you can breathe, you can do yoga. The rest is play."



Moran Rosenthal

Yoga was the first step in Moran's personal journey that began ten years ago when she visited India for the first time. Ever since it has taken her through spiritual and substantial paths in life.


Moran's Yoga teacher training courses took place in Rishikesh and in Varkala, India. She is trained in traditional Hatha and Ashtanga style (RYT 500) and teach her own interpretation of Hatha and Hatha-Vinyasa.


In an open, personal and compassionate atmosphere, her classes flourish a serene release of her students’ bodies, as well as their minds.

"I believe Yoga is a journey that connects us with our inner-selves, reminding us to stay present at all time."


Vanda Belakova

Vanda is into dance and movement since childhood, passions that slowly developed into a love for yoga. Starting in 2013 in London, yoga became a main part of her life, and it further developed after a 6 month stay in Bali and a subsequent 200-hour YTT in India.

Today in Berlin, she wants to pass along what she gathered during her ever lasting journey. The class starts with grounding exercises and gentle stretches, continuing with hatha and vinyasa sequences that focus on breath awareness and finish with proper relaxation.


“I love spreading yoga among people. As a detailed person, I think the little details are the important details”. 


Daniele Cippone

Daniele, spiritual name Tiaga Bachan Singh, having practiced several types of meditation and yoga, first encountered kundalini yoga a few years ago and since then it has become a key part of his life. He is a certificate kundalini teacher at the Karam Kriya School in Berlin. 

I love to share my passion and enthusiasm for the practice with others. I see  kundalini yoga as an extraordinary powerful and trasformative tool which brings those who practice to find their true identity. My classes are fun, energetic but also deep and meditative. 


Merav Ben Dor

Coming from a background of dance and yoga, Merav fell in love with Pilates as it helped her understand her body better, improved her dancing techniques and skills and made her stronger and longer (and if not by actual centimetres,  than at least by feeling).  Teaching for the last 7 years helped her regaining strength after births and increased her appreciation of the human body and its capabilities. The classes suit all levels and are putting an emphasis on the connection between breathing and moving, as well as  researching the work of the body as a "whole made of separate parts".

She has seen bodies change through and with the help of Pilates and believe that sometimes our body is wiser than our head, and we should just follow it to its full potential.


Savina Casarin

Savina is a professional dancer trained and working in Italy and London, continuing up to now in Berlin.


She approached to pilates practice during her studies of dance science at Laban, examining the biomechanics and anatomical aspects applied to the dance training: “Many years ago I seriously injured one knee and I have never had the proper rehabilitation. My postural type did get the rehabilitation process very difficult. Pilates gave me the knowledge to control such issues increasing mental and physical awareness.”


Pilates is an incredible resource aiming to correct postural issues, addressing specific body issues, with prevention and treatment from injuries. 


She teaches with dedication and curiosity to all the participants. Her classes suits all body types.


Sis Timberg

Born and raised in Israel, live in Berlin since 2013, and teach yoga since 2016.


Sis's classes lean on the ancient yoga tradition and incorporate movement of today and music to fit modern urbanites. We shift our focus inwards, listen to our breath and immerse in a physical and spiritual journey.

"Coming from a dance background, the yoga path was a natural one for me. The practice is for me a true gift; an exploration of the physical body, that helps release locked energy and ease the mind in the bustling city. Yoga is now an integral part of my life."


Verena Kuhn

Verena teaches gentle vinyasa and yin yoga, and likes to integrate meditation and mindfulness elements into her classes. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in San Francisco where she lived for three years, and has taken additional trainings in yin yoga in Bali and yoga therapy in Rishikesh, India. She considers herself a compassionate and nurturing teacher who strives to create classes that are inclusive for all ages and body types. Her aim is to help students develop self love and body awareness as well as the ability to relax and surrender to the moment.

“Yoga has helped me get through several challenges in my life. No matter how stressful the day, my yoga practice allows me to return to the present moment and to get out of my head and into my physical body. I love sharing the mental, physical, and emotional benefits I have experienced myself with others.”



Yesid Cortes

Yesid is a Colombian practitioner of many styles of Yoga since 1998. For the last 17 years he has been introducing the art of yoga to many students. He has conducted several workshops in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States.


As a disciplined student of yoga in India, he had the chance to meet Yogacharya BKS IYENGAR in 2009 during the International Yoga Conference. Inspired by him since then, he has been studying Iyengar Yoga with several international senior teachers.


“Yoga is deep in my body, deep in my mind, it is the instrument that has sculpted my life.

I have a great gratitude because this ancient art gifted my life with a great purpose, a spiritual one.

I love teaching Yoga from my own experience and research and I love to share it in a simple way and touch the heart of the student with the beauty of Yoga”.


Since 2011 he travels every year to India to spend time studying this method.

Ariel Hayoun

Ariel Hayoun (IL) is a contemporary dancer and a Pilates teacher. She graduated from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) Salzburg, Austria with a dance diploma, and studied contemporary dance at MASPA (Kibbutz Ga’aton School of performing arts), Israel.
Ariel is a certified BASI (Body Arts and Science) Mat Pilates instructor with the guidance of Natascha Eyber, and has been teaching Pilates since 2016.
She has worked as a dancer among others with Jérôme Bel, Ingri Fiksdal, Ahmed Khemis, and choreographed her own works such as ‘The Empty Serious Structure’ (2017), ‘Underdiscussed’ (2018), 'about flights that are about to be missed' with Lloyd Lovell (2018) and 'Slug' with the Undefinables Collective (2018). 


'Pilates for me is a practice that involves both the body and the mind- in the class I focus on body awareness and alignment, inviting lightness, functionality and energy into the practice and in our day to day lives.'



Monique Balmatie

Even though I have always been a very sporty girl, I was surprised when I felt the calling to do a Yoga Teacher Training in India. After my first visit to India to discover part of my roots Mittra Rawat, an amazing teacher in Rishikesh made me fall in love with the Yoga. In 2019 I left to do the 200 hours TTC with Mittra’s brother Vini. And even though it was no walk in the park, and everyday was literally filled with pain, it felt like coming home. This is one of the things that I came “here” to do. Now that I have experienced Yoga how it was always intended and in the country where  it was invented, I appreciate this ancient practice, these teachings with all my being.Yoga balances my body, my mind and connects me deeper to my spirit. It makes me stronger and more flexible, and not just physically. Yoga helps me love and respect and grow and helps me understand myself so much better. Which in turn helps me understand everyone around me better resulting in deeper connections. I am committed to learn as much as I can about this art of living and pay it forward however I can.


Besides her Yoga passion Monique has a vegan lip products brand called Fra Lippo Lippie.


Elizabeth Lawrence

I began my movement experience as a teenager with running and traditional strength training. However,
I became injured often and I had a sense of not truly being in balance with my body. In college, I started
with Pilates and I found I was able to better understand my body and had a deeper sense of stabilizing
myself from my center. I also became interested in Dance and Yoga and gravitated towards more holistic
movement practices. I continued participating in Pilates and eventually did a teacher training through
my regular Studio. At the same time, I finished my Bachelor in Kinesiology.

In my Pilates classes, I offer my students to look at their bodies as an anatomical whole. Where one part
moves, so can we choose to let that movement continue through the body and create reactions or we
can isolate, and that choice will create various needs, challenges and qualities. My hope is that my
students leave class with a deeper understanding of how to move consciously.


Nora Sundman

Born in Hawaii, I am a Swedish-American yogi with a big heart and free spirit. Yoga asana and meditation have been an essential part of my life for 10 yrs. I have two 200-hr teacher trainings and one 300-hr YTT under my belt. 


My passion for powerful, dynamic and focused yet smooth movement has existed since a young age (ie; dance, gymnastics and synchronized swimming) but I felt these were lacking something deeper. I studied art for 8 years, where my interest in body movement manifested into artwork with expressive nudes as the focus. When I discovered yoga asana and philosophy, I realised what I had previously been missing and seeking. I love the physicality of yoga because it allows me to explore + expand my strength + flexibilty, but even moreso I love that the practice is platform to train my mind; to challenge and question my core beliefs and connect with and ground myself.


I love to teach because I can connect with people and help them to realise and sharpen the tools that they already possess within themselves in order to realise their full potential. We are all deep beings with many layers of thoughts / feelings; pain, joy, fear, love, etc; and often we get so caught up by the details that we forget to step back and see the vastness; the bigger picture of life: that we are all connected and that there is so much more to life than our fleeting emotions or ever-evolving physical body. 

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