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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Gandhi


"Bringing people from all over the world together"

Yoga Hub Berlin is a peaceful, quiet, unique hub where different people from all over the world can meet, practice yoga in English, connect on a deeper and more personal level in a positive surrounding.

What are we doing at YHB and why ?

Of course it's all about yoga, but for us yoga is not only the physical practice or when we are on our mats. For us it's so many other things outside the mat that should come together when we talk about yoga!

1. Community


We've created an international community around the yoga hub, where people can meet and get to know one another on a deeper level while drinking tea before and after they practice yoga and fitness classes. We invite everyone to join our classes and enjoy a warm, cosy and welcoming space and team!
*Before Covid we've had community events as well, and we hope to be able to have them again soon


2. Inclusiveness

We wish to increase tolerance and open-mindedness towards others, outside of your in-group, by creating a vibrant, diverse multicultural community where you can connect on a deeper and a more personal level. We work to make Yoga Hub Berlin a welcoming space that feels like a second home, where you can meet new friends and develop balance and happiness for your life. 


3. Spread the love (and ENERGY)

Open your hearts, spread the love and the energy you feel right after the practice! We all know how we feel after a good yoga practice when our Prana is well balanced. We are often filled up with loving and relaxed energy that we take with us off the mat and into our daily life. This way we spread it around us, also to others who feel less relaxed. It's contagious :)  


4. Affordable classes with professional teachers

We want to enable everyone to practice yoga, regardless of their financial condition, which shouldn't be an issue when it comes to practicing yoga. By offering affordable classes we contribute to more people practicing yoga and to people practicing more yoga! We keep the highest standards of teaching and we have a professional and experienced team who will guide you during the classes.
*You can also join our team as a studio helper and practice for free in exchange for some help with the daily studio tasks. 


5. All classes in English

In order to make our classes more accessible, all of our classes are being taught in English. Practicing in a language you are comfortable with, helps you to get the most benefits from your yoga practice. It is also a safer way to practice and avoid potential injuries.

6. A traditional yoga style for mind-body balance


We've all taught and practiced a dynamic yoga style, but after some years we came to the understanding that a more traditional, slow paced yoga class which is also combining meditation and pranayama is the better one for us and for our students! We want to show you a slow but yet intense practice. We believe it's a great way to balance your body-mind, calm your mind and find peace within you. We encourage you to practice yoga off the mat! To take the state you are in after the practice and implement those techniques in your daily life, and not vice versa, i.e not bringing the rush and intensity from your daily busy life to the mat.

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