Yoga Hub Berlin is a peaceful, quiet, unique hub where different people from all over the world can meet, practice yoga in their language and talk in a positive surrounding.

Our vision

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

- Gandhi

Yoga Hub Berlin is a fresh YOGA initiative for bringing people together, to help overcome fear and hatred and to support refugees.  


We wish to increase tolerance and open-mindedness towards others, by creating a vibrant diverse community with people from all over the world who can easily learn about other people's lives and to really get to know them.


We hope to help overcome fear and hatred, and to connect on a deeper and personal level.


We want to make yoga more accessible to everyone by providing affordable classes which are suitable for all levels and to enable people to practice yoga in their language right in the heart of Berlin


We want people to feel at home, to make new friends and to live a happy balanced life


We support refugees by providing them free classes and yoga teacher training 

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