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Why We Do Not Publish “Crazy” Acrobatic Yoga Postures? you have been following Yoga Hub Berlin, you might have noticed we never publish any of these highly photogenic Acrobatic-Asanas in our IG account, on our website, or in class. Following questions made by various students over time, we decided to take a moment and explain our avoidance.

Nora Sundmany teaching at Yoga Hub Berlin - practicing Trikonasana safely
Nora Sundmany - Yoga Teacher at Yoga Hub Berlin - practicing Trikonasana safely

Let’s be clear - we deliberately avoid “crazy” asanas, and we do it for several reasons.

Yoga Hub Berlin – Keeping it Safe!

  1. It is dangerous – the first and most important reason we do not promote “hard-core” Yoga asanas is because they are dangerous. Too many people get injured practicing Yoga because they try to do these extreme postures. Many of these injuries, such as split discs or a meniscus tear, are seriously debilitating, and could potentially end your practice and last for a lifetime. Practice moderately, and your body will get stronger and more flexible, without injuries.

2. Egoless practice – Yoga aims to alleviate suffering. The source of suffering is our desires. Those desires are expressed mainly through our ego. When a practitioner sees another Yogi on the mat next to them doing some extreme acrobatic asana, they often get tempted by their ego to try and do the same. This behavior comes from comparison, which is at the root of the ego. At Yoga hub Berlin, strive to help the individual practitioner and the whole community rise above the ego.

3. Body-mind-spirit – the body and mind are one. Think of a frightening moment, your body will experience fear. Get a professional massage, your mind will relax as well. Reenact a challenging period from your past in your mind, your body will reenact the sensations of the time. Envision a wonderful moment, your body will experience bliss. When you go into extreme postures, you bring your body into a stressful situation, and your mind will immediately follow. That is the complete opposite of Yoga as defined in the Yoouga Sutras of Patanjali: “the silencing of the modifications of the mind”. – or achieving a deep state of relaxation. Practice gently and experience relaxation and progress on the path.

4. The way we see Yoga – ask 100 Yogis what is Yoga, and you might get a hundred different answers. We share our vision of Yoga in another article

. In the context of this article, we will simply say that we see Yoga as a path of self-development. There is no room for acrobatic and dangerous acts on this path. We try to become aware of our Ego instead of being controlled by it, as it is a source of suffering.

5. Giving classes that accommodate every member of the community - Each person in the class is unique. Their background, their knowledge, and their physical abilities are unique. Even the injuries they carry are unique. We strive to cater to the needs of every practitioner that comes to the Yoga studio, offering advanced postures to the advanced students, while not over-challenging beginners. This is our way to create harmonious classes that suit everyone.

If you wish to join our Yoga classes in Berlin, you can register online in our studios:

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