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Yoga Hub Berlin – It is All About Community:

Yoga class in Yoga Hub Berlin - a Yoga Community

There are a few major things in life that support our well-being. All of these things are available to us through a community. From our basic needs of food and shelter to our higher needs of self-fulfillment and development, it is only within the community that we get our needs met.

A big part of Yoga Hub Berlins’ vision is to create a strong, inclusive, and diverse community.

What benefits do we get from our community?

Having a strong sense of community is extremely important for humans. A sense of community allows us to thrive. When we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, we grow, we expend, and our lives become richer:

  1. Sense of belonging – when we feel we belong, we find it much easier to be comfortable. We can let our guards down and just be, enjoying the company of our community. That is a liberating and beautiful state to be in. This becomes all the more needed when you are a foreigner living and practicing yoga in Berlin.

  2. Sharing and expressing ourselves – In the age of social networks and anonymous communities, there is a dire need for a real-life community. Each of us carries unique gifts, ideas, and thoughts. Expressing ourselves and sharing moments with others is essential for our mental health, our happiness, and our sense of well-being.

  3. Making friends – we need not tell you about the importance of having good friends. It is said that from a certain age, it gets harder to make new friends. Once you are a part of a community of Yogis, this saying becomes obsolete. Genuine friendships happen spontaneously in the blissful and open atmosphere after every class.

  4. Sense of support – life has its ups and downs. Many times the thing that helps us through a challenge is the sense of community. There is great benefit in the wider perspective we get when coming together to practice yoga as a group, meeting a familiar smile and a friendly ear in a serene Yoga studio atmosphere.

"Bringing people from all over the world together"

Berlin is an International city. Yoga Hub Berlin is a home for teachers and students from all over the world. This did not happen “by chance”. It is our strong belief that creating an inclusive space connecting people through Yoga is an act of virtue.  After all, the meaning of the word Yoga is to Yoke, to bring together, to connect.

The beauty of a community can only exist via the members of the community. We took the part of hosting it, being the Hub. But it is you, all of you who come and practice the principles of Yoga, who create the community. You are the community. And we are grateful for each and every one of you taking part in something bigger than all of us, something that we all enjoy.

Thank you for being an essential part!

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