200h Yoga Teacher Training 

In English



Main topics:

  • Asanas

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Chanting

  • Teaching methodology

  • The history and philosophy of yoga

  • applied anatomy and physiology

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

  • Business of Yoga

  • Practicum

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  • 9 months training

    • Dates: April 2020 - January 2021,  1 weekend a month, exact dates will be given soon

    • 5 days learning retreat

  • Costs:

    • Register on one of our open days and get a huge discount! Only 2500€ instead 2800€ 

    • Regular price 2,800€.

    • deposit 500€, non-refundable.

    • Payment: cash or 3 Instalment payments. 


What’s included:

  • 200 hours yoga teacher training

  • Teacher training handbook

  • 5 days learning retreat

  • Yoga Teacher Certificate (200h Yoga Alliance)  

  • Practice at Yoga Hub Berlin

  • Book - Mirror of yoga by Richard Freeman

  • Book - Functional Anatomy of YOGA by David Keil

  • Experiencing teaching and subbing at the Yoga Hub Berlin














Our yoga teacher training course is designed to enable you to deepen your knowledge of yoga, to understand more broadly the essence behind the practice, to pass on the knowledge and to take your practice to the next level.


It is a comprehensive, professional high standard course which includes both theoretical and practical studies in a variety of topics such as asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, yogic lifestyle, nutrition and more.


What makes this course unique is our approach to yoga which combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern knowledge and science in a way that supports a process of evolution. We believe in respecting and exploring the path of yoga while maintaining a deep understanding of the origin and tradition and the ways it can be applied effectively in the 21st century.


We strive to provide you with a top quality YTT experience that will give you a profound understanding of yoga theory and practice as well as a wide range of tools to become an authentic and professional yoga teacher.


We keep our courses small and intimate in order to allow personal attention as well as support your own individual physical and spiritual growth.


The program is led by Oren Zaslavsky, an international senior yoga teacher with a team of senior and experienced teachers and professionals.


* We give a100% scholarship for a refugee. Contact us for further details.  

Participation Policy:


We trust our students and expect them to take responsibility for their course of study and also to demonstrate a high self-discipline during the training period.

There is an 80% attendance requirement and when a student can not attend the class for any reason we ask you to independently complete the learning material.

Completing the course's main tasks  

Completing the 20 hour anatomy course


Training location:


Yoga Hub Berlin, Greifswalder Str. 8d, 10405 Berlin

Retreat – outside Berlin, more info to follow


How many participants will be at the training:


In order to maintain the quality of the learning and to have an intimate group there is a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 participants in every course. 2 more participants on a scholarship.


Participating pre-requirements:

  • At least 2 years of a regular yoga practice

  • Interest, curiosity, devotion and passion for the path of yoga and it’s tradition

  • Openness and willingness of self-reflection and expanding the comfort zone 


How to register:

  1. Contact us with your application ytt@yogahubberlin.com

  2. We will contact you after reviewing your application

  3. Pay the deposit

  4. Paying the remaining course fee no later than the first day of the course


We look forward to your message

Lots of light

Dana, Oren and the team


Course content:

  • Asanas

    • Establishing a useful foundation

    • Functional application of movement and posture

    • Body awareness and understanding physical patterns

    • The relationship between breath and alignment

    • In depth explorations of specific postures and movements

    • Practice


  • Pranayama

    • Intro to Pranayama

    • Related elements – Mudras, Bandhas and Chakras

    • Pranayama Techniques - Basic / Beginner and Intermediate

  • Meditation

    • Intro to Meditation and Mindfulness

    • Different Meditation Techniques

    • The Philosophy behind Meditation

    • Trouble-shooting the different challenges and conditions


  • Chanting

    • Sanskrit pronunciation and sounds

    • Classic chants

  • Teaching methodology

    • Sequencing

    • Assisting and Adjusting

    • Therapeutics

    • Modifications

    • And MORE


  • The history and philosophy of yoga

    • History and perspective of yoga

    • Yoga Sutra

    • Exploring the main themes of Sāmkhya Philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita

    • A preview of the teachings of the Buddha (Buddhism)

    • Establishing a reference viewpoint of other major scriptures related to yoga


  • applied anatomy and physiology

    • Basic anatomy and physiology

    • Functional applied anatomy of yoga

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

    • The effects of food on our body and how to use it to support our yoga practice

    • Nourishing ourselves - understanding what the body and mind need

    • Daily routines that can improve our mental and physical wellbeing

    • Integrating the ethics of yoga into our modern lifestyle

    • The art of decision making

    • And MORE


  • Business of Yoga

    • From a practitioner to a yoga teacher​

    • Creating a business strategy

    • Registering as a self employed in Germany, Taxes and accounting

    • Marketing - marketing strategy: website, social media, blogs, PR

    • Networking

    • Job opportunities and pricing

    • And MORE

  • Practicum

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