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200h Yoga Teacher Training 

In English

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Our 200h YTT programme is for all those who want to delve deeper into yoga, either to become professional teachers or for themselves. Our programme is approved by Yoga Alliance and leads to certification as an RYT-200. It honours the origins and traditional values of yoga while keeping the practice scientifically updated and relevant to our times and culture. It is our aim to empower individuals to navigate our current-day yoga scene with discernment.


Yoga means union or integration and that has been our guiding principle in designing the course. Our course gives you the foundations you need to design and lead sessions that are safe, engaging and true to the path of yoga:


  • You will learn about yoga as a system that promotes health in both body and mind and that is holistic, so that no aspect or part of the person is hurt, abused or neglected.


  • You will learn about the human organism through traditional yoga physiology and under the light of current scientific evidence. We will use the same integrative approach to explore the psychoemotional aspects of a hatha yoga practice.


  • We will refer to classical texts to understand the philosophical and spiritual motivations behind the practice and will examine how they can be applied in our historical and social context.


  • We encourage active and experiential learning, providing you with a safe space in which to explore and develop.


  • You will get personalized constructive feedback that will help you develop and refine your teaching and communication skills so that you can do justice to what you know and who you are while reaching class participants with your offer.


  • We believe in making yoga as inclusive as possible. In this sense, our programme will prepare you to cater for different abilities and levels of experience and we will examine ways in which we can make yoga classes more diverse and inclusive.


  • Approaching the social aspects of yoga from a different angle, we will learn about cultural appropriation and misconduct in modern yoga and question our own approaches, habits and inclinations in order to be respectful and responsible transmitters of this practice.


  • We will guide you towards realizing your professional vision with an overview of the administrative requirements in Germany and of approaches and strategies that will help you find your voice and your place in the market with integrity.



We have prepared our programme based on years of professional experience in yoga and with the intention of serving you and yoga itself. We are looking forward to sharing learning with you and to travelling this stretch of your journey together.


Lots of life! - María Ferrara and Dana Federman

Main topics:

  • Asanas

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Chanting

  • Teaching methodology

  • The history and philosophy of yoga

  • applied anatomy and physiology

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

  • Business of Yoga

  • Practicum

Click HERE for the full list of topics  



  • 9 months training

    • Starting September 2022, 1-2 weekend a month, exact dates will be given soon

  • Costs:

    • Price 3,300€.

    • deposit 500€, non-refundable.

    • Payment: cash or 2 Instalment payments. 















Participation Policy:


We trust our students and expect them to take responsibility for their course of study and also to demonstrate a high self-discipline during the training period.

There is an 80% attendance requirement and when a student can not attend the class for any reason we ask you to independently complete the learning material.

Completing the course's main tasks  

Completing the 20 hour anatomy course


Training location:


Yoga Hub Berlin, Greifswalder Str. 8d, 10405 Berlin

Retreat – outside Berlin, more info to follow


How many participants will be at the training:


In order to maintain the quality of the learning and to have an intimate group there is a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 participants in every course. 2 more participants on a scholarship.


Participating pre-requirements:

  • At least 2 years of a regular yoga practice

  • Interest, curiosity, devotion and passion for the path of yoga and it’s tradition

  • Openness and willingness of self-reflection and expanding the comfort zone 


How to register:

  1. Join one of our open days or contact us via email

  2. Let us know you are interested and submit you application via email. We will review you application and let you know how to proceed. 

  3. Pay the deposit

  4. Paying the remaining course fee no later than the first day of the course


We look forward to your message

Lots of light

Dana, Maria and the team

*Due to Covid-19 there might be some changes in the program / location

Course content

Course content:

  • Asanas

    • Form follows function

    • Strength and flexibility

    • Breath and core for stability and movement (Bandhas)

    • The five movements of the spine

    • Lower limbs – earth and gravity

    • Upper limbs – connecting

    • Asana families

    • Practice


  • Pranayama

    • Yoga physiology

    • The breath and the nervous system

    • Basic Pranayama Techniques

  • Meditation

    • Introduction to Meditation

    • Meditation Techniques

    • The philosophy behind meditation

    • Mindfulness off the mat


  • Chanting

    • Sanskrit pronunciation and sounds

    • Classic chants

  • Teaching methodology

    • Verbal and manual cues

    • Variations and grading for different abilities

    • Sequencing

    • The arch of the session

    • Presence and voice

    • Your strengths and style


  • The history and philosophy of yoga

    • Yoga versus hatha yoga

    • Origins and developments

    • Dualism and non-dualism

    • The Yoga Sutras in comparison to other classical texts

    • The basics of Buddhism

    • Influential figures


  • Accountability

    • Malpractices

    • Cultural appropriation

  • Applied anatomy and physiology

    • Basic anatomy and physiology

    • Functional application to yoga

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

    • The relationship between nutrition and yoga practice

    • The needs of body and mind

    • Daily routines to support our mental and physical wellbeing

    • Integrating the ethics of yoga into a modern lifestyle

    • The art of decision making


  • Business of Yoga

    • From a practitioner to a yoga teacher​

    • Creating a business strategy

    • Registering as a self employed in Germany, Taxes and accounting

    • Marketing - marketing strategy: website, social media, blogs, PR

    • Networking

    • Job opportunities and pricing

  • Practicum

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