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***Info page for therapists***


Yoga Hub Berlin's treatment room -

price range:

Each therapist decides if they want to charge a fixed amount or

by donation based on the price range we offer and it should be 

discussed with the client beforehand.

Rent prices, of course affordable:

1 hour
20 € + VAT/MwSt.

From 5 hours/Month
15 €  + VAT/MwSt.

From 10 hours/Month
12 € + VAT/MwSt.

From 20 hours/Month
10 €  + VAT/MwSt.

***Notice, I invite you (only teachers from the team) to get a free trial month to test it,

but you should book it no later than March 2024!

This applies:

  • Price, including preparation and finish time (15 minutes each)

  • It's the therapist responsibility to book a time slot on Fitogram (more explanations on how to see bellow)

  • Please do not block preparation and finish time, otherwise it will be charged

  • When booking a time slot notice to consider the preparation and finish time from the other therapist

  • Appointment cancellations up to 24 hours

  • Professional liability

How does the payment work?
You get a monthly invoice from YHB.

And can I schedule appointments myself?
Yes, with our private shared Treatment Calendar on Fitogram.

Fee for the Room Equipment
An monthly 5€/month, fee for using the massage table and other equipment.

How to book your treatment session:

Go to your Fitogram account as you use it for your classes
And then:

  • Create new event and fill out all the information

  • Please change it to private instead of public!

Here is a video explaining how to create your time slot.

to book your slot in the Treatment Calendar, please also book your time pre- and post preparing the room, otherwise this will clash with your treatment-partners.

e.g.: 45 Min Massage, you book the room for 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after, a total of 75 minutes.
Super easy, right? Thanks.

How to name your session:
When you book your slot please name the duration of the slot first, then your name, then all the other information. E.g.:

"75 minutes, Dafna, Body work / reflexology"


Some rules:

  • The table and other equipment should be dismantled and be placed back in the storage room after your treatment.

  • If there is another session after yours you can leave the table in place, but make sure to leave the room clean and ready for the next session.

  • Do not place oil bottles or containers directly on the floor/wood.

  • The bolsters, table, chairs, door handle and door should be clean and oil-free. Each therapist should wipe it with some washing-up liquid and kitchen roll.

  • The electric blanket always remains on the table so that it is ready for use immediately. Everyone is allowed to use it.

  • The following is part of the studio and always remains:

  • Massage table, table, 2 chairs, Sonos speakers, bolsters, waste garbage can

  • Use the garbage can in the kitchen.

  • All events and classes in the studio are on the calendar, so you can decide for yourself whether you offer a massage at the same time or not (it may be too loud)


Please notice to book a session that start and finish according to other classes in the main room


How do I receive my clients?

1. with water or tea. 2 I also let clients in 5 minutes early so that they can wait for their appointment in peace and with a drink.

Treatment room - Fhain studio

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