VAST - Value Added Sessions for Teachers

SATURDAY | 26.9.20 | 17:00-19:15

VAST is a new community project for yoga teachers who wish to enrich their knowledge of related-yoga topics and to grow as a community.

We will host an event once every 2 months in some topics which are related to the yoga/meditation world that might not be easily or frequently learned or discussed: inclusivity, the business of yoga, teaching trauma-sensitive, the impact of a language when we teach, stress management, intro to Vedanta, Ayurveda and etc.

ALL berlin yoga teachers are invited to the lectures, which are based on Dāna - the inclination to give, without expecting any form of repayment from the recipient. So, pay as you can and feel ♥

We will meet at our studio in Friedrichshain, but don’t worry - social distancing will be respected and we will be offering, in addition, the opportunity to participate via Zoom, in case the event will be full or you won’t be able to attend.

Each event will be approximately 2 hours and the concept might change from one event to another, sometimes we will have a lecture, sometimes a panel, sometimes a workshop, it can change but the most important is to have interesting topics and to create a growing community.

Vegan snacks and tea will be provided by us 😊

Why are we doing it? We really don’t have much time on our hand, BUT we strongly believe in the power of communities and we think that these events are a great opportunity to:

• Enrich our knowledge of related-yoga topics
• Personal growth and development
• Growing as a Berlin-based yoga teacher community
• Yoga teachers meetups, get together
• Collaboration opportunities