Sound Bath Meditation 

With Karthik Rajmohan


Dates: 7.5 & 21.5

Time: 18:00-19:30

Location: Fhain studio

Price: 20€



A sonic journey to dive deep into the familiar unknown. We start with a short guided meditation to enhance sensitivity and become receptive. You are then embraced by the sounds of the gong, Himalayan singing bowls, frame drum, flute and chimes. We end our session with a simple method to find the origin of our voice, embracing and harmonising. Join us for this beautiful first spring event 

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USC members are welcome 

About Karthik 
Karthik Rajmohan is a dancer, performer and a sound yogi. He plays the Gong, singing bowls, frame drums, flutes and various other instruments to create an immersive sound experience. He guides and holds a meditative space for clients who want to tune out of everyday stress and tune into a relaxed, calm and exuberant state of experience. He initially did his studies in contemporary dance, physical theatre, improvisation, instant composition and gradually gravitated towards more somatic forms. Though his studies were in the arts, his quest is spiritual. He loves to create workshops/sessions that allow one to explore the body in movement and in stillness.



With Sylvie Schneuwly


Dates: 21.5

Time: 20:00-21:30

Location: Fhain studio

Price: Minimum of 15€ donation 



"Kirtan is part of Bhakti yoga, a devotional practice based on rituals and chanting. On that magical evening, we chant, connect, celebrate and share some stories about the wonderful world of Indian Gods and Goddesses.”