20.11.2021 Inversion Workshop I: Foundations

27.11.2021 Inversion Workshop II: Stability & Balance​

Fhain studio

In this 2-part workshop event, we will explore several inversions (upside-down poses) and their key-actions. Whether these poses are new or familiar to you, this is a chance to discover how playful, grounding and empowering inversions can be. We will discover how to sharpen awareness and stability of our physical bodies while staying mindfully connected to movement. The more we cultivate understanding & appreciation of the how's and why's of our physicality, the more gracefully we can connect to the how's and why's of something much more abstract and profound: our minds. Mindful movement is a powerful tool in accessing the peacefulness and joy that intrinsically exists within you.


Part I will focus on laying foundations and becoming familiar with being upside-down.


Part II will focus on details and how to create stability and balance.


Each workshop will begin with a Vinyasa "warm-up" flow and move into a creative Hatha/ alignment sequence with “skills & drills” practices to bring awareness to various elements and actions within each pose. There will be plenty of time for questions. Each session will end with a "fika" (a Swedish word for tea & snacks ;) followed by a closing meditation and savasana. Read on for more information, dates, times and prices!





Inversion Workshop I: Foundations


What: Familiarization with inversions. Intro to shoulderstand, forearmstand, handstand and L-shapes at wall.


Who: For Mixed Levels and Beginners. Familiarity with yoga poses would benefit but is not a requirement.


When: Saturday, November 20, 15:30-18:00

            (We will take a short break towards the end for tea and snacks )





Inversion Workshop II: Stability & Balance


What: Dive deeper into the world of inversions. Including poses such forearmstand, different entries into handstand, and (time-allowing) intro to headstand. We will discuss bandhas, drishti, core activation and stabilization.


Who: (Recommended) for folks with an intermediate yoga practice (or similar movement practice). Not recommended for complete beginners.


When: Saturday, November 27, 15:30-18:00

           (We will take a short break towards the end for tea and snacks)






30€/per workshop , USC + 18€ , ClassPass + 18€ 

Payment is in cash at the studio! 


The power of breath: How to strengthen your wellbeing with breathwork

21.11.2021 , 15:00-17:00

Pberg studio

Do you often feel stressed, mentally but also physically? Do you want to feel calmer, more relaxed and connected to your self? Do you want to learn how to strengthen your wellbeing and self-healing powers through conscious breathing? 

In this workshop you will learn about how your nervous system ist connected to and also influenced by your breath, how to use your breath to deal with difficult or pent-up emotions, what healthy breathing patterns are, which breathing techniques will help your body and your mind to relax and recharge. 

Together we will dive through theory and practice. Sounds good? Looking forward to practice with you!


This workshop is for you if: 

• You often feel stressed, mentally, as well as physically
• You want to feel calmer, more relaxed and connected to your self 
• You want to know more about the power of breath and breathwork as a tool 
• You want to learn how to strengthen your self-healing powers through conscious breathing 
• You want to learn breathing techniques for your everyday life 


This workshop can help you:

• To get conscious about your breathing patterns and change them to healthier breathing patterns 
• To use breathing techniques to deal with overwhelming feelings such as stress, anxiety, sadness or anger 
• To use your breath as an anchor in your daily routine and influence your well-being 
• To coordinate movement and breath 
• To deepen the connection to your self

Workshop content theory & practice:

• Getting to know and understanding breathing spaces 
• Breath and the autonomous nervous system 
• Different breathing techniques and their impact on body and mind
• Science based knowledge from neurology and bio-chemistry about our breath 
• A bit of movement

• A dynamic breathwork & sound journey


What to bring:

- Warm clothes

- Something to drink

- A yoga mat or folded blanket to sit on

- Your proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test not older than 24 hrs



"This workshop really helped me, especially with my current health situation. Clarissa has a calm and pleasant voice and a positive aura. She taught the theory part as well as the practice very good, so that one can understand the topic without any previous knowledge.“

„This workshop was a big enrichment for my body, as well as for my mind. Clarissa taught the breathing techniques in a calm and pleasant way.“ 

Price: 35€


Nadabrahma Meditation.png


28.11.2021 , 16:00-17:30

Fhain studio



Nadabrahma is a gentle active meditation in 3 stages with a centring, grounding and rejuvenating effect.

  • 1st stage (30 minutes): humming with closed lips, creating a vibration. Accompanied by music.

  • 2nd stage (15 minutes): giving and receiving energy from the universe through special hand and arm movements. Accompanied by music.

  • 3rd stage (15 minutes): sitting in silence, observing. Music off.

Through the humming and hand movements, conflicting parts of the self start falling into tune, which brings harmony to your whole being and body and mind can become a witness of themselves. This „watching from the outside” brings peace, silence and bliss.

Total duration: one hour.


These are meditations, in which we move and/or create sounds that help to pierce through the layers which „modern people” carry on their shoulders all day and which make it so much harder to dive into stillness. We have to bear in mind that most of the „classical meditations” were developed 2.000 years ago by monks whose lives were not so full of input as ours. So for them, it was much easier …

The layers and masks we carry, have to do with morals, rules of conduct, social imprinting, education … Not to forget the monkey mind! The methods of active meditations are a way for us modern people to dive into our inner worlds freed from restrictions caused by mind, education, society etc.


This is a 3G event: Please have proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative Covid test result (of the same day) ready.

As the number of participants is limited, I kindly ask you to secure your place in advance by sending your payment via Paypal to noemiecausse@gmail.com.

Investment: 20,00 € if you pre-order online | 25,00 € at the door


  • This is an event for all levels, it does not require any previous knowledge or experience

  • Wear something comfortable, as we will be sitting for one hour. You will not be sweating, though, so you don’t need to bring a change of clothes 🙂

  • There are yoga blocks and blankets at the studio, which you can use to sit on, but if you prefer to sit on your own meditation pillow, you can bring that along as well.

  • It is best to not eat (or at least nothing too heavy) at least one hour prior to the meditation and to allow a few moments of rest afterwards.


Come as you are and as you feel, bring your precious self and an open mind, and leave the session feeling inspired, connected, more grounded.

I look forward to sharing the space and energy with you and enjoying the magic power of the humming vibrations!


Much love,