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How does Asana Yoga or Hatha Yoga work?

Updated: May 3

If you read our post about what Yoga is and how we see it here in Yoga Hub Berlin, you already know that Hatha means “Force”. In the above text, we talked about the Physical aspect of force, but there are other parts of Hatha Yoga, integral parts that make it what it is.


All Hatha Yoga techniques (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc’) focus on three main points:


  • Breath

  • Body

  • Spirit/Mind

Yogi in paschimottanasana focusing on breath and relaxing muscle tension to a state of Yoga
paschimottanasana: collecting our focus on the body and the breath

When you practice, you collect your attention to your actions and connect to your consciousness using breath and body awareness.

You go into a posture, align your body using body awareness and proprioception (a deep connection to one’s own body and movements), and remain continuously aware of your breath.


Doing the above naturally brings a sense of awareness that spreads to the mind and creates a wider perception. In time, this type of practice leads to an ever-growing consciousness and the other wonderful benefits of the practice.

Becoming the best version of me: The results of Yoga are fast to come!

When you seriously practice Yoga, results appear immediately. This is a sign that you practice correctly. Sure, results may vary in depth and strength, and some results, such as enhanced flexibility do develop in time. Yet all benefits appear immediately, just on a smaller scale. These benefits should be noticeable in real time. 


By practicing slow Yoga, you can become aware of even the slightest changes and thus connect to the moment - yoked together into the now.

What results should I expect from the practice of Yoga:

  • Quieting down the mind- awareness of thoughts without being carried away by them will make you less agitated and thus able to Act instead of React, even in complex situations.

  • A healthier body – Through the practice of Asanas, but also better decision-making regarding life habits, eating, sleeping, drinking, etc.' With practice, it becomes easier to make better choices that enhance your health.

  • Deeper self-realization – An ever-growing awareness of one's mental and emotional self-damaging patterns renders the protective layer of Cynicism obsolete, and the Yogi experiences an ever-deepening state of serenity.

  • Kindness awakens - Yoga naturally awakens the noble human characteristics. By cleansing old patterns from the mind, Yogis become more loving, kind, and caring individuals.


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