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What Yoga Does to the Mind? And Why Do Yogis Always Seem Happier?

Updated: Jan 21

young women in deep meditation in Yoga Class enhancing her mind

It begins right away - As we step onto the mat.

Collecting our focus inwards and towards our body and breath. Shifting away from the endless fluctuations of the mind. Yoga has begun, and our mind is immediately present in the Now. 

Happiness starts to blossom.


Those practicing yoga report so many benefits that it is hard to choose where to begin. Let's focus on the primary faculties of the mind that touch everyone's lives, whether practicing Yoga in Berlin or some cave in the Himalayas.


  1. Nurturing our Happiness – Suffering arrives from attachment and not being in the now. Our mind constantly shifts between two states – Future and past. With Yoga, one immediately steps into the Now. And what a lovely Now it is – On a mat, consciously breathing, in Asana, enjoying the moment. Bliss! Of course, we shift back and forth from the Now into the "monkey mind." But we practice to be more and more in the Now. We practice being in bliss. This effect naturally trickles into our daily lives off the mat.

  2. Achieving High Concentration – Keeping our focus is like holding our breath. We can do it, but only for some time. Not only prolonged periods of concentration, Yogis experience deeper states of concentration, thus achieving enhanced abilities in all aspects of life.

  3. Better sleep – Sleeping is, in a way, "Losing our mind". Think about it - we must completely let go of the mind and disappear into some unknown realm. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? Stress is a significant factor in sleep difficulties, especially for those living in big cities like Berlin. Ever dozed off to sleep during Shavassana?.. Yoga teaches us to relax deeply and has an incredible effect on our sleep patterns.

  4. Enhanced Memory – the thing that has the strongest influence on our memory, and where most people fail, is our ability to create the memory. If we didn't create it in the first place, how would we remember it later on!? Strong memories are made when we are fully engaged, present, in the moment, with all our senses. This deep presence starts occurring naturally to all practitioners, as this is Yoga.

  5. Feeling content – This is the Holy Grail. Being content means Not being in suffering. When we are content – we need nothing! Bliss! This growing state of bliss is the result of two things. One is learning to be in the present moment. The other is that all the above benefits lead the Yogis, step by step, to realize a better life for themselves, make better choices, and improve in all other aspects of their lives, which inevitably results in feeling content.


And the most beautiful thing about it is that it happens automatically. We practice on the mat, and the change arrives into our daily lives. Just like that. Yoga!


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